THE BRAND  &  THE FOUNDER ​ FERDALONDON was founded by the British designer, who was born in Royal Leamington Spa, 1988, raised in South Yorkshire. Her parents were born and raised in Turkey whose ancestors migrated from Abkhazia to Turkey during the Circassian Genocide of 1854. At the moment she also tries to reflect the beauty of this multi-cultural inspiration in her collections.


With years of experience in the Design Industry, the investment she has given to her career has finally built her the confidence to start her own label. She quits her job as a Design Management job with the Ready-to-Wear Minimalist brand Eleganza Concept, and moves to London and starts her business on 17th of July 2019.   The designers she has closely worked with had a big impact on her life too, and inspired her for wanting to become a successful business woman. Patricia Gomez-Gracia was one of them; Who’s brand was favoured by the celebrity spheres and red carpets across the globe. Strongly known with its long-sleeved Gomez-Gracia embroidered gown design worn by Carrie Underwood for the Grammy Awards.


And Nathan Jenden who she also closely worked with; he was also involved in the high-end brands such as, Diane Von Furstenberg, Marni, Kenzo and Louis Vuitton. ​ At the moment, the fabrics of Ferda London are mainly produced in Turkey and Italy. Collections are exclusively designed by the owner, Ferda Yayci. The fittings and critics are mainly proceeded in London, which some are made by our team in Turkey and mainly the dresses made in London by herself.  


FERDALONDON started her first capsule collection with the artist Christopher Halliwell. She will also include a far-reaching Art, Global Culture & Historicism as an inspiration. Her aim is also to Travel the World to spark her imagination and closely discover the forgotten Traditional Techniques, the handcraft and the things that are being lost in the fashion industry, combined with the inspirations on a carefully considered modern silhouettes. While connecting with the talented people from different cultures. The aim of this is also to support women for their independence, to discover people no matter what gender, race or beliefs, but who are talented and passionate to either start their own company, or to support growing their existing small businesses too. Ferda London is also against modern-slavery and child labouring. The brand will fight against injustice; willing to support to make peoples dreams come true, and produce the clothes women wear more meaningful, without leaving any question marks their mind, and to give the comfort of knowing that every purchase the customers will spend will make someone happier.. This brand promises to be a fashion brand that makes women feel powerful inside her designs, and to also bring awareness to many causes other than supporting EQUALITY.